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EduHealth is one of the leading electronic health record systems for school nurses helping them in keeping children and school environment safe. EduHealth’s functionalities ensure comprehensive student care with school nurses’ daily tasks broken down into simple-to-use modules helping them stay in complete control of their tasks.  

On EduHealth, administrative efforts and paperwork of school nurses are brought to a minimum. School nurses’ tasks are broken down to simple-to-understand tasks giving them clarity on what they need to accomplish for the day. Powered by the cloud, EduHealth enables school nurses to manage important health details management from a remote environment and with its high integrability, EduHealth can be used together with your SIS for the end-to-end management of students’ details.  

Deliver on your students’ health and medication needs with EduHealth

Student profile

Comprehensive student health profile 

EduHealth gives school nurses and school health authorities instant access to important information they need to know about the student’s health and medication needs with a comprehensive student profile. School nurses can access the profile with student number or name for quick access to such details, which is especially helpful in the case of an emergency.  

Accomplish documentation of students’ medical and health history, medication management, treatment management, health screening management, medication reorder management and much more on the student profile with EduHealth.

Student health profile 

student health profile features

School nurses’ task management 

School nurses’ tasks are simplified on EduHealth, with the system generating all the important information they need to look at on the nurse’s dashboard. Everything a school nurse needs to pay attention to is right there on the screen ruling out the possibility of any confusion.  

The system is built to support school nurses to simplify their daily tasks with powerful functionality that helps them keep tabs on their tasks as well as get work done without strenuous administrative effort.   

School nurses’ task management

School nurses’ task management 

School nurses task management
Immunization tracking

Immunization tracking 

With immunization tracking, school nurses will identify the state of immunization compliance among their student population. With the tracker, school nurses can easily identify students who have not taken a particular vaccination, and spend time in real interventions as a medical expert in educating students and their parents about the importance of getting vaccinated.  

COVID 19 tracking and contact tracing 

The COVID 19 tracking and contact tracing module allows schools health administrators to track COVID 19 symptoms in students, monitor quarantine and return statuses of affected students, and enable those in contact of affected student take necessary steps to prevent a spread in the school. The system has been built to ensure schools can open and function safely amid the pandemic.  

COVID 19 tracking and contact tracing
Parent request management

Parent request management 

Parent requests can be managed on one single platform with EduHealth. It is two-way communication mechanism, where school nurses like you can share medication details with parents and parents can send medication and treatments requests for their children. Parents can send requests through the EduHealth Parent App or through a form generated on the EduHealth school nurse app. And you can manage all such requests centrally on this system. The parent request functionality ensures school nurses work together with parents to ensure medication safety of all children.  

How EduHealth’s dynamic form simplified the collation of students’ mandatory health information through automated procedures

Build a connected health environment in your school: Empower student health at every step 

Highly integrable

The EduHealth electronic health record system is highly integrable with school information systems which allows for the seamless management of data across platforms. This flexibility enables users to have more reliable data and allows for better analysis of student performance.

Accessible on any device

EduHealth is built on the cloud allowing you to access the application from any device. Stay on top of your tasks, even if you are physically not present at your school with EduHealth.

Customizable to your school’s needs

EduHealth’s functionality can be customized* to your school’s unique health and medication needs. You can choose which screenings you want recorded in the system, choose modules of the platform you want and much more.
*Customizations are based on discussions with our technology experts.
School health environment

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