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Comprehensive student health profile

EduHealth provides you, as a school nurse or health authority, with immediate access to vital information concerning students’ health and medication requirements through a comprehensive student profile. By utilizing the student number or name, you can quickly retrieve essential details, which is particularly beneficial during emergencies. EduHealth facilitates the efficient documentation of students’ medical and health history, medication management, treatment management, health screening management, medication reorder management, and various other functions within the student profile.

One click access to

Previous chart visits

Student health details

Emergency contact

Allergy information

Immunization tracking​

Through the implementation of immunization tracking, you, as a school nurse, can effectively assess the level of immunization compliance within your student population. This tracking system enables you to easily identify students who have not received specific vaccinations, allowing you to intervene as a medical expert. By educating both students and their parents about the significance of vaccinations, you can devote your time to meaningful interventions aimed at promoting and maintaining immunization.

One click access to

Immunization history

Mandatory immunization

Immunization list

Add or update immunization


Following safe medication practices is essential for ensuring the well-being and safety of students. As a school nurse, it is crucial for you to record authorizations from doctors for specific medications and treatments. By diligently documenting these authorizations, you can effectively track and manage patient medication administration. This will help you provide the appropriate care and prevent any potential medication errors.

One click access to

Treatment authorizations

Medication authorization

As needed medication

Times per day medication

EduHealth for students

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Bulk scanner

The bulk scanner on EduHealth lets you scan and upload multiple health forms to student profiles in a go and maintain it in a digital format. This lets you maintain a paperless nurse’s office and while digitally maintaining your students records in a structured manner. Now school nurses like you can easily retrieve uploaded data and access the data you need.


Collect specific information, such as grade-wise details of vaccination and much more, with the dynamic form functionality on EduHealth. It lets you quickly create a form requesting the specific information and all information generated through the forms will be automatically linked to the student profile, saving you hours of administrative effort.


School nurses can easily meet reporting requirements of local- and state-health authorities with the powerful reporting functionality on EduHealth. You can choose the right categories for required information and generate the report. Immunization compliance, COVID 19 statuses, student medication and treatment detail reports are some examples.

Health screenings

Screenings are critical to ensuring the health and well-being of your students. Tracking screening results and deriving information from it is typically not easy. But it doesn’t have to be the case anymore. EduHealth allows you to record your students’ screening outcomes on the platform allowing you quick access to that information. It lets you derive insights based on patterns you observe in the screening outcomes.

One click access to

Students' medical history

Screening info management

New screening form

Screening reports export

Medical history management

You, as an authorized individual, including doctors, nurses, insurance companies, lab specialists, pharmacies, school doctors, have access to student data within our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. This comprehensive access facilitates the seamless coordination of healthcare services, enhancing efficiency and creating a transparent and coherent treatment process. With this shared access to patient data, healthcare providers can collaborate effectively to provide you with the best possible care and ensure that your medical information is readily available whenever and wherever it is needed. This medical historical information is retrievable with authorized access can helps students get the care they need without any errors.

One click access to

Upload any health documents

Update new information

Download history

Export report

Emergency medication

The student profile stores details of emergency medication for students who have severe medical conditions. This information allows school nurses to give the right first-aid in case of an emergency. 

One click access to

Medication tracking

Health details

Medical history

Emergency contact info

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Highly integrable

The EduHealth electronic health record system is highly integrable with school information systems which allows for the seamless management of data across platforms. This flexibility enables users to have more reliable data and allows for better analysis of student performance.

Accessible on any device and browser

EduHealth is built on the cloud allowing you to access the application from any device. Stay on top of your tasks, even if you are physically not present at your school with EduHealth. You can log into the system from any browser.


EduHealth EHR software and its infrastructure are protected with the built-in security of the Microsoft Azure platform which includes security intelligence that keeps threats of any kind at bay. Access controls managed by head nurses and admins decide access and control levels of the nursing staff and users on the platform.

Customizable to your school’s needs

EduHealth’s functionality can be customized to your school’s unique health and medication needs. You can choose which screenings you want recorded in the system, choose modules of the platform you want and much more. Customizations are based on discussions with our technology experts.

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