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EduHealth is an educational healthcare software for school nurses to collect, track and manage student health information. Designed by school nurses with comprehensive features connecting Students and Parents. Nurses can access the health history and documents in a single button click.
EduHealth provides easy tracking of student’s daily medication treatment and immunization. Nurses can generate reports and access all the documents from the application. EduHealth is a unique solution for managing student health record with an in-built scanner which can upload 100 documents in less than 30 seconds.


15% of revenue from EduHealth is donated to the
Childrens Cancer Society and towards causes around children’s health and education.

Why Choose EduHealth?

Along with digitalizing the student health records, EduHealth offers a comprehensive suite of features that simplifies school nurses’ daily tasks.

  Utmost Care for Children

Ensure that every child, right from K-12 to university students, has access to medication safety and a good health system. Help build an ecosystem with pharmacies, doctors, insurers for better delivery of health care

  Digitized Health Records

Get rid of paper clutter while streamlining day-to-day operations. Our cloud-based system makes it easy to digitize cumulative health records, for quick access of documents from anywhere.

  FERPA & HIPAA Compliant

EduHealth software complies with FERPA and HIPAA regulations. Personally identifiable student details are treated with high confidentiality and safeguarded from unauthorized access.

  No Medication Errors

It is estimated that up to 27% of children have chronic health conditions . Reduce administration errors with automatically generated alerts for medications, treatments, and immunizations

  Parent Communication

Our platform synchronizes with a parent portal so everyone can achieve peace of mind. Easily notify parents about their child’s medications or other crucial information with just a click of a button.

  Easy Deployment

EduHealth system is optimized to connect with any of your school’s existing systems and reduces your ownership costs with easy deployment, simple data exports, and streamlined integrations.

Power up your Student Health Records with

EduHealth seamlessly integrates with PowerSchool’s Student Information System. It is now possible for school nurses, parents, and students​ to manage student health together.
We've Successfully Implemented Eduhealth for:
Student Records

Mobile Application for Parents

The EduHealth Parent App gives parents and guardians access to their children’s health and medical history as recorded on the EduHealth platform. Using this app, parents can view urgent communications from school nurses and stay updated on their children’s health status on any device. Parents can keep track of the child’s daily health updates, request medicine administration for their child, communicate with school nurses about caretaking, upload documents, and more on this platform–making and managing the child’s health efficient and stress-free.

Managing health profiles made easy

Parents can view, access, and manage all their children’s health profiles from the app. Especially helpful for parents whose children are studying in different schools in a school district.

Parent and school access rights

School health authorities can decide which health details to share with parents so they together enable better delivery of healthcare.

Simplified health management

Parents can update information on the child’s health profile, such as medicine reorders, COVID 19 status, temperature, and others if the student is at home.

Easy documentation and uploads

Easily upload forms or authorizations to the system through the app. Eliminate paperwork from the process.

Interact with school health nurse

Quick communication channels for parents with school health authorities for medical emergencies and treatment for their children.

Compatible on all Devices

The EduHealth mobile app supports both Android and iOS platforms. Parents can access the app on any device.

Go paperless with EduHealth

EduHealth eliminates paper consumption in your school nurse’s office and enhances the delivery of treatment to students. Managing health information with digital technology reduces the paper you consume and can enhance healthcare delivery at the point of care.

Make the management of information a breeze with zero paper and go green with EduHealth!

The four main benefits of utilizing EHR systems are:

An Efficient student health management system designed for School Nurses, Parents and Students.

EduHealth has been designed by school nurses and medical administrators to efficiently manage health forms, immunization records, medications, and medical records. We make it easy for you to manage your health forms online, even if other departments still use paper.


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