Electronic health record software for school nurses

EduHealth is a cloud-based electronic health record software that assists school nurses in improving student care and overall outcomes.

EduHealth is an Electronic Health Record System for schools that digitally manages student health records. It manages health-related information and reporting for students and staff, and enables school nurses to provide the right care at the right time. Electronic Health Records System EduHealth simplifies the process of gathering, documenting, analyzing, and reporting the medical data of students digitally.

Benefits of EduHealth EHR system

Electronic Health Records for schools are an essential element in school-based healthcare as it offers a novel, prompt and digitized solution for medical care of students and staff. It helps in alleviating the hassles school nurses go through with manual administrative processes in healthcare. It has other benefits as:

Improve student care efficiency with EduHealth EHR

We’ve built EduHealth to be a single-source-of-truth for students’ health and well-being. When school nurses have several tasks to manage every day, EduHealth’s brilliant functionality ensures that everything related to student health is taken care of.   

Students’ health management made simple with EduHealth Electronic Health Record

Immunization tracking

Updated on students’ immunizations glance with the immunization tracker on EduHealth EHR.

Health record management

View all the appropriate medication and treatment information at a glance on the student’s digital health record.


Quickly document the medical details of students and adopt a seamless charting process with EduHealth EHR.

Medication and treatment authorizations

Follow safe medication practices by recording authorizations from the doctor for specific medications and treatments.

Health screenings

Record health screening information on the EduHealth EHR system and see the record at a glance in a few clicks.

Easy information management

Retrieve emergency contact information, important health information, and much more in a snap.

School nurses are on top of their activities with EduHealth EHR

The EduHealth EHR nurse’s dashboard is comprehensive enabling school nurses with all the information they need to work with for the day. The intuitive and straight forward EduHealth EHR user interface helps school nurses to collect all the critical information at a glance. 

Get in control of student health today with EduHealth Electronic health record

The EduHealth EHR nurse’s dashboard is comprehensive enabling school nurses with all the information they need to work with for the day. 

Comprehensive reporting

Generate health reports for your health agencies, your state, or county in a few clicks.

Bulk scanning

Scan and digitize your students’ health documents with minimal manual intervention.

Medicine inventory management

Get notified of medicines that are about to run out of stock on your EHR and ensure they are refilled on time.

HIPAA and FERPA compliant

Keep confidential health information safe with the highest security and privacy levels.

Highly integrable solution

EduHealth can integrate with your existing SIS software without disrupting existing processes.

Powered by the cloud

Log into EduHealth from any web browser or mobile device and still stay on top of all medication-related activities.

COVID 19 tracking and contact tracing module

EduHealth Electronic health record for schools has a comprehensive COVID 19 tracking and contact tracing. It allows school nurses to track COVID 19 symptoms and positive cases of K-12 students and staff, university students as well as students learning remotely. The system facilitates the identification of infected members’ cohorts and contacted staff to issue notifications of precaution.   

By proactively monitoring COVID 19,  EduHealth  helps  in  disease containment in the school environment.   

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