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How safe is your school environment? 

Schools in the US need to go all out for sustainable school operations and ensure children feel confident coming to school every day. In an in-person learning setting, with children and teachers coming in proximity with each other, the chances of a spread are high. Therefore, it is critical to have necessary tools and systems in place to keep a possible outbreak under control.  Additionally,  

Is your school secure enough to ensure learning continuity 

COVID-19 underlined the need for an efficient school health tracking system for tracking communicable diseases. With EduHealth’s COVID-19 tracking and contact tracing systemyour school has an efficient first line of defense and it enables school nurses to proactively take measures in case of a spread and build a healthy learning environment.

Daily status tracking
Comprehensive symptom checklist
Complete overview of confirmed/suspected cases and false positives
Automated status updates and status change reminders
Easy integration with third party SIS platforms

COVID-19 Tracking and Contact Tracing Features for Schools

Cohort management
Risk and exposure assessment
Symptom and quarantine monitoring
Case analysis and reporting
Emergency contact information
Operable in iOS/Windows/Android and other OS
Comprehensive report generation

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EduHealth has been designed by school nurses and medical administrators to efficiently manage health forms, immunization records, medications, and medical records.

Benefits of COVID-19 tracker to schools

See how EduHealth’s COVID 19 tracker kept an entire school district safe from an infection

FAQ about COVID-19 school health tracking system 

What is contact tracing in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Contact tracing enables one to identify those people who’ve come in close contact with a person infected with a communicable disease. Health authorities can then communicate with the close contact group and advise them about the next steps to take to prevent further spread of the disease. In a school, children and staff come in close contact with each other, and the inability to quickly identify close contacts groups of an infected student or staff could risk operations of the entire school. In this context, contact tracing comes in as a very critical aspect for smooth school operations.  

What are the purposes of COVID-19 tracking and contact tracing in schools?

As schools/districts reopen across the country, strategies for preventing another widespread wave of COVID-19 transmission are a high priority. Contact tracing is one of the best tools to make sure that students and staff stay safe from infection, thus saving schools from getting into another hard-pressed situation. EduHealth’s purpose in this context is to make school operations smooth by providing them with complete control on COVID-19 tracking and contact tracing data. 

How contact tracing feature helps schools to control the disease spread?

EduHealth has realtime monitoring of the students’ medical data. The contact tracing dashboard will show realtime figures of the students who are infected, students who have been quarantined, false positives, and other relevant information. School nurses will have a precise understanding of who they interacted with, and where they have been. This way contact tracing can ensure in containing disease spread in the school.  

Can contact tracing app reduce the spread of diseases?

The spread of diseases cannot be fully controlled using digital solutions, but such solutions can largely help in containing the spread of diseasesAlong with regular precautions like self-isolation, quarantining, and other measures, COVID-19 tracking and contact tracing apps can double the protection of public safetyHaving an app in your defense alongside other precautionary measures have helped in reducing the spread to a large extent.