A Kansas City school district was having trouble maintaining records of its students’ immunization records and needed to come up with a solution to be up to date.

The challenge

A school district in Kansas City was having a hard time keeping track of its students’ immunization records, which were kept in paper files. The school nurse’s office had to manually enter and maintain the information in their file records. Another set of challenges they faced was following up with parents to ensure that children received immunizations on time and receiving the necessary documentation from them.

Our solution

EduHealth’s immunization tracker helps school nurses in keeping track of all vital and mandatory immunizations of students and alerts them if any particular student is immunization deficient. School health administrators and school nurses can update and manage student immunization details from anywhere, upload documentation digitally, and receive alerts if there is a circumstance of immunization non-compliance. They can also immediately send an immunization letter to the parent’s email inbox, informing them of the student’s mandatory vaccines. Additionally, the customization feature enables the school nurse to enter new vaccine requirements for students into the student profile, such as the new COVID-19 immunization details.

Project highlights

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