Tips to Boost the Immune System of Your Child

Your body is prone to chronic and acute diseases if your immune system is weak. Following are the symptoms of a weak immune system:   Regular and Recurring Respiratory Ailments: These ailments start with mild flu and symptoms gradually increase and result in different types of allergic reactions like asthma. The worst case is pneumonia. Non-seasonal flu must be treated with care because this might be a symptom of a weak immune system.   Rapid Changes in Body Weight: The weak immune system is the main culprit in rapid changes in weight. The body’s ability to process food energy is lost when the immune system is weakened. When food is not processed, you will have less energy and gain or loss in body weight. Boosting the immune system is easy by making a few lifestyle changes.   How to increase immunity? The immune system is the major defense mechanism of the human body. This attacks intruder which causes diseases and illnesses and protects the body. This system comprises of complex biological structures and processes. The organs that create a barrier to prevent the invasion of foreign bodies include skin, liver, kidney, and bloodstream. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, similarly, A strong immune system protects your body.There are two main ways to Boost your Immune System:   Naturally Using Medication     Natural Methods to Increase Immunity   Eat Healthy & Hydrate Proper hydration and a diet filled with whole food ingredients and micronutrients can improve your immunity. Water flushes out many toxins from your body and effective detox will allow the body to better absorb nutrients and increase energy levels. In this way, the immune system is strengthened and the body gets ready to fight diseases. Include green, leafy vegetables and other fruits and vegetables which contain antioxidants. Carotene helps your body to fight against cancer.Junk food would do not much good for your immune system. It just fills the advertiser’s pockets. Eating right would avoid the usage of vitamin supplements.   Sleep Smart! Getting into deep sleep mode is a dream for many these days. We grow increasingly anxious about studies, work, and many other factors and that is the reason why Insomnia and associated difficulties are always on the rise. Poor sleep can become a habit, and this alters biological clock which has adverse effects on Immunity.The body has a self-Défense and repair mechanism. Proper sleep is needed for activating this mechanism. During sleep, most of the body functions slow down and that is when repairs happen. If there is no sleep natural repair that is affected and this further weakens the immune system.   Burn some Calories! Getting the right type of exercise is no more a luxury. Cardio activities release good hormones which in turn has a great impact on brain stimulation and physical wellbeing. Good workout sessions are a great way to release stress. A relaxed body can generate greater ideas and the mind becomes open to accept fresher concepts. Indoor and outdoor exercises are a good way of building a strong immune system. Burning fat is essential for the proper metabolic process. Moreover, a great body is a great motivation for self-love. Endorphins are released during workout sessions; this reduces stress and stimulates pleasure.Chocolates are famous for boosting mood. This is a proven way to relieve stress and make you happy. A person in a good mood is less prone to illnesses. Anxiety is the key cause of immunity-related diseases. There are many similar food items that are well known to reduce anxiety and boostimmunity.   Laughter is the Best Medicine! This is a proven scientific fact. No wonder comedians are the highest-paid community in Entertainment Industry. Laughter clubs are on the rise because science has proven that laughing a lot of everyday releases stress hormones and this, in turn, strengthens the immune system. Healthy laughter is the key to a worry-free lifestyle.Hot and cold bath, Spa, Sauna are all excellent ways to boost your immune system. Go for a total detoxification program which would include diet modifications, exercise modules, yoga and meditation, positivity lessons and much more. Fun and socialization are excellent techniques torelieve stress and this has a positive effect on the immune system as well.Be wise and choose what fits you best! Be it a diet program or a new workout schedule. Blind imitations may not work always. Know your body and the immune mechanism by consulting with an expert in the field and choose the detoxification programs. Stay away from negative gossips and television programs which would increase anxiety and negativity. Our body is not a machine, it needs natural inputs to function properly. Supplements are good when taken cautiously and in moderation. Try out these tips and it surely will have a positive reflection!   Medications to Improve Immunity   Omega 3 Fatty Acids Omega 3 fatty acids are present in fish oil . cod liver oil. This prevents inflammation attack by toxins and pathogens, good for the brain and helps with focus.   Vitamin D3 Vitamin D3 helps kids and adults to fight against the virus causing common flu and cold. It is also vital in building strong bones and strengthening immunity against chronic diseases.   Vitamin C Vitamin C is essential in repairing damaged blood cells, bones and tissues. Vitamin C helps kids to strengthen their gums as well. Children from 3 to 8 years age will need abut 25 milligrams of Vitamin C per day, however it is not advised to give vitamin tablets to kids under 12 years of age unless its necessary and prescribed by a doctor.  

School Nurse Roles and Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities of School Nurses is not a stagnant criterion. This varies according to situations and getting nurses prepared for any forthcoming student emergency is the prime motto of Eduhealth. NASN, the National Association of School Nurses is one of the foremost authorities which prescribes rules and regulations for School Nurses. Main aim is to promote health services and education for students.     Provide Healthcare Services: Healthcare services should be provided when it is needed. Timing and precision are important in this aspect. Following are the points to be taken care of during this process:   Identifying and managing chronic health conditions like asthma. Monitoring students for health conditions and sports injuries. Providing priority care using sophisticated technologies and user interfaces. Creative alarms to alert school officials about emergencies. Identifying special needs specific to each student to align the healthcare needs.   Promote Health Care Education:   Provide and distribute health information and knowledge through portal. Take part in community initiatives which specifically promote student health. Promote Health care education and awareness through social media.   Take initiatives in providing healthcare services   Collaborate with colleagues to take initiative for Healthcare services Take measures to streamline processes by reducing costs Initiate process quality activities and measure results.   Screen and refer students for health conditions   Track student’s data and go through the screening process. Screen students for care needs. Identify and refer students for improving health conditions.   Promote a healthy school environment.   Promote preventive measures to avoid illnesses. Create awareness amongst students about possible injuries and illnesses. Get help from qualified experts to promote a healthy environment.   Assume leadership for health policies and programs.   Health policies and programs to be created and implemented. Leadership clubs to be formed to share ideas related to health policies and programs Create and adhere to event alerts and news.   Advocate for students with disabilities who have special health care needs.   Track and identify students with disabilities. Monitor their health regularly through the portal. Identify special health care needs and implement solutions.  

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Student Health Records Software (SHRS): Most Frequently Asked Questions from school officials?

Managing student health with precision and ease is a tough task even though the technology is constantly evolving. High-tech firms are continuously evolving with most modern technology platforms, systems and tools to better manage student health to ease the lives of students, school officials and medical practitioners. There are numerous Student Health Record software brands that run towards digital transformation. Fine-tuning the existing software is a challenge that officials face daily. The need to get it updated with the latest versions is the prime responsibility of software providers. Failure to install updated versions can become critical while managing student health. Paper health records keep accumulating in hospitals and schools, but these do no good in efficiently managing student health in this fast-paced tech era. SHR software digitizes paper records and accurately consolidates the entire student health history. This includes immunization records, allergy records, consent forms, emergency information details, etc. SHR provides capabilities of consolidated view in terms of interactive reports and dashboards. Eduhealth SHR opens access to critical health information via any connected devices to authorized personnel. HIPAA and FERPA guidelines make it increasingly necessary to make SHR mandatory in schools. This way schools can score well in compliance. Some of the common questions about the need of SHR: How will getting a Student Health Record (SHR) software improve my ability to care for students? You can access entire student information in one single integrated software platform. This saves time and eliminates the need for searching for information in scattered paper files. Smoother Parent communication considerably improves, and compliance improves based on necessary guidelines. Automated email reminders would intimate you about deadlines and additional requirements. There is an automated workflow that is established to pass information amongst all involved which improves collaboration. How can an SHRS help me care for students with complex conditions? Eduhealth Software identifies students with complex conditions and organizes data accordingly. Alerts and schedules including reminders are arranged based on this data. Action plans to manage complex conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and allergies are devised. You can trigger alerts to notice changes in student’s health records. Alerts can be activated to handle changes in schedules, medical history, injuries etc. Up-to-date medication trackers to effectively manage prescriptions. Connected devices to access student health records. How can SHRS improve school-wide health outcomes? Eduhealth SHR software helps to manage student health in many emergency situations and during many unpredictable outbreaks of diseases. Prevention of such outbreaks is also possible. Immunization records are updated on a regular basis and can be accessed to keep track of outbreaks and other serious conditions. Immunization schedules are cross-checked, and corrections initiated to better manage health outcomes. How will an SHRS help me save time? Eduhealth has inbuilt scanner interfaces which improve productivity, it requires Less than 30 seconds to scan 100 documents! This software integrates easily with your existing SHR software which can be Powerschool or others to transfer the health records to better manage student health. Many third-party tools like Single Signon can be installed to improve speed and efficiency. Customizations are available based on-demand. Can an SHRS help me track and manage immunizations? Your entire immunization schedules are stored at a single location on online space which makes it easier for you to streamline your system. Tracking and managing get easier and student health would improve. Reminder emails, alerts are all set-up, you can collect your documents online and all connected processes can be activated. In short, Eduhealth paves the way for a new journey and tech culture which is based on Ethics, Integrity, ease of implementation and continuous innovation and process improvement. It creates a safe and friendly tech atmosphere for Nurses to increase their productivity and take better care of student’s health. Get in touch!