The indispensable school nurse

School nurses play a vital role in students’ health and well-being. And without them, it’d be difficult for schools to manage the increasing number of students coming to schools with a myriad of health-related concerns.   School nurses have the professional expertise to help children with their health-related concerns and help to restore them back to health. This way, they help build a happier environment at schools that motivates students to show up and learn…

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COVID 19: What to know before sending kids back to school?

Children have been learning online for over a year now! Remodeling students’ habits to adapt to online learning has proven to be a complex process for educators, students, and parents.   Students are starting to return to the brick-and-mortar school setting.  But not all parents are rushing to send their kids back to school. This is because schools and parents are equally concerned about the following factors:    Whether the number of cases…

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Effective strategies for school nurses to deal with stress banner

Effective strategies for school nurses to deal with stress

School nurses like you play a key role in student healthcare management and it often has you juggling multiple priorities to meet growing workplace expectations. This can put you under a lot of undue stress, directly impacting your everyday activities.   In a research study, 48.5% of school nurses reported medication errors, with missed doses at 79.7% being the most common category of error. A contributing factor could be the responsibility for a large number of students, which in itself can be a…

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