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After a year’s uncertainly, schools are reopening in September.

And that is phenomenal.

But here’s the question

How prepared is your school in containing a possible
COVID 19 spread when students return?.

For reopening schools effectively

And as of today, the US continues to be the country with the greatest number of COVID 19 cases.

As an administrator, you need to ensure you do not have a COVID 19 debacle on your hands.

EduHealth COVID 19 tracker and contact tracer

The EduHealth COVID 19 tracker and contact tracer solution has been developed with an aim to keep American schools safe.

The system enables school health authorities to:

Proactively monitor symptoms

Track COVID 19 statuses-even of students learning remotely

Isolate suspicious cases among students and staff

Coordinate with parents and medical health authorities

And is an affordable solution

It enables you to not just contain a spread, but ensure normal functioning of the school.

We developed the solution when COVID 19 was at its peak in 2020 and collaborated with school health authorities at a school in Utah to perfect the solution.

The Utah case – a story of efficiency

With the pandemic raging and most schools forced to shut down in 2020, the EduHealth EHR team developed a simple solution that could track symptoms in students.

We, however, wanted to perfect it and make it a reliable platform to enable the smooth school functioning and so collaborated with a school in Utah to improve the product’s effectiveness.

With the help of school nurses in Utah, we developed the comprehensive COVID 19 tracking and contact tracing solution.

The system could track statuses of members with positive COVID 19 results, manage confirmed cases and suspected cases workflows, track false positives, automate status updates, generate return-to-school reminders, workflows and status change reminders, as well as generate COVID 19 status reports.

It also had contact tracing, cohort management, risk and exposure assessments, and status reporting and quarantine monitoring capabilities.

With the support of EduHealth, the Utah school remained fully functional, even while the pandemic was at its peak and meant closure of several schools across the US.

EduHealth is comprehensive.

It is all-inclusive. The EduHealth team is always there for my team of school nurses. It saves time and is flexible.

Shannon Tilsworth,
NKC School Health Services Coordinator.

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