Going green with less paper

Digitizing medical health records


School nurses in a New Jersey school used an average of 750 sheets of paper per day in the school nurse department for medical records and paperwork. So, for a full school year of 160 days, they chewed through over 45,000 sheets per year. Not only was the management of the paperwork a cumbersome process, it affected the efficiency of the school health system with care delivery delays and medication errors. They reached out to EduHealth to help build a powerful digital system that generated the critical student health information they needed in a snap, and reduced the reliance on paper.

Our solution

With around 100,000 schools in the United States, approximately 9 billion sheets of paper are consumed each year. A school that utilizes 2,000 sheets per day and 320,000 sheets per year can expect to pay around $100 per day and $16,000 per year.

With EduHealth, a powerful EHR platform with standardized medication documentation practices, school nurses in a New Jersey school found charting and nurses’ office visit management processes were simplified and digital documentation hassle-free with zero paper. They observed a significant improvement in speed and efficiency of health care delivery and the reduced dependence on paper for documenting medical details of students and employees decluttered the nurses’ office. EduHealth enabled the school’s nurses’ office to go completely paperless in just 2 months. Choosing the EduHealth EHR system, the school nurse platform built for school nurses by school nurses, the school health officials were able to capture and record data from paper files. It helped the school to streamline the work and increase the efficiency of the school healthcare department. In the process, it reduces the use of paper for all daily duties, saving time and money.

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