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Every school has a different set of student health management challenges.

As a leader in a learning environment, the responsibility to keep the school environment safe and conducive for learning falls on you. When you’re managing thousands of students, you need your health team to be on top of their game.

But do they have the tools that enable them to do their jobs?

Do you get full visibility into how they’re performing?

According to the CDC Student Health Services guideline 6,

  • Schools need to give students health, mental health, and social services to help them eat healthy, be active physically and prevent chronic diseases
  • Schools are key providers of services that address physical and mental health needs and the safety of students.
  • Health services staff should assess student needs related to physical activity, nutrition, and obesity, and provide counselling and referrals to medical providers

So, how are you performing against these requirements and the many other guidelines laid down to keep schools safe for students?

Manage your teams and student healthcare efficiently with EduHealth

  • Access student health records, medicines and treatment details, and medical history on a single platform.
  • Manage your school healthcare team efficiently with effective resource allocation and task allocation.
  • Increase parental engagement and enable communication and collaboration among school administrators, school nurses, and parents.
  • Get timely medication alerts, track chronic health conditions and identify communicable diseases and take timely measures.
  • Ensure data privacy, security, and HIPAA and FERPA compliance along with CDC and state compliance requirements.
  • Generate one-click reports, ensure immunization compliance, manage health screenings, and save time spent on documentation.

EduHealth is a PowerSchool Partner

Focus on student healthcare together with student learning outcomes. Build healthy and conducive learning environments for your students!

What is it like to have EduHealth manage your school’s student healthcare?

How a school district in Kansas with 32 public schools and over 20000 active students digitalized student healthcare management and improved productivity of its healthcare team with EduHealth

EduHealth solution to the Kansas challenge

The school district in Kansas wanted to centralize the management of its schools and stay compliant with state health guidelines and CDC ensuring that the day-to-day healthcare needs of every one of its 20,000 students were met.

The challenge

The school district was facing difficulty in managing student health information and needed a solution with customized features to gain more visibility into healthcare team activities, manage resource allocation effectively, track important health information, and improve the productivity of school nurses.

The EduHealth solution

  • The school district gets a comprehensive student health management system bringing together administrators, school nurses, physicians, and parents on a single platform.
  • Enhanced visibility of activities of the health team for efficient resource allocation, timely intervention, attending to special care needs, conducting health screenings, and student health tracking.
  • Easy-to-use nurse’s dashboard keeps nurses on top of daily activities with daily tasks management, medication alerts, immunization tracking, health forms, and one-click reporting.
  • Secured student health information and met regulatory compliances such as FERPA and HIPAA , state regulations, and CDC guidelines.
  • Aided school board and administrators in identifying gaps, planning, estimating, and efficient budget allocation for healthcare resources.

The Results


Increased overall productivity and efficiency of the district healthcare team by 5 times.

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Reduced time spent on student healthcare documentation and reporting by 90%.


Reduced medication errors and missing medication by 99%.

To create a healthy school environment for every child, arm your school health team with the confidence of EduHealth’s comprehensive healthcare management

Save time and productivity with digital health records

Efficient healthcare resource allocation

Timely reporting, incident interventions, medication, and treatment

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* Applies to schools with a minimum of 3000 children.

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