Kansas school district ensures advanced student care with EduHealth-PowerSchool integration

A prominent school district in Kansas, with 20,000 active students across 39 public schools, recognized the need for an advanced Educational Health Records (EHR) system and wanted to simplify its student record management by integrating its student information system (PowerSchool) with EHR.

The challenge

  • Health data and academic data were separate, preventing a comprehensive student overview.
  • Discrepancies between health records and PowerSchool data caused confusion.
  • Student health information was manually entered into paper records, causing inefficiencies and errors.


EduHealth was integrated with PowerSchool to allow seamless data sharing. PowerSchool data is updated to EduHealth daily creating a single source of truth and simplifying data management.  


  • Seamless integration allowed quick access and real-time updates for health and academic data.
  • Simplified record management reduced administrative work and errors.
  • Automatic updates saved time for nurses, enabling better student care.
  • Improved data consistency benefiting both academic and health records.
  • A complete student overview empowered educators and healthcare providers.
  • Streamlining processes resulted in a 30% cost reduction for data management.

Manual reporting effort eliminated

Consolidated reports in a button click

Savings of over $75,000 annually

EduHealth Client Testimonial – Storm T

A large school district in Pennsylvania with close to 10,000 students and just 20 nurses needed an EHR system that simplified management of student health records as well as their mandatory SHARRS reporting processes.

Hear from the school nurse how EduHealth helped them overcome their student health record and reporting management challenges by delivering a solution that simplified their work for them.


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