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A cloud-powered school nurse software that gives busy nurses quick access
to the right health information and enabling them to seamlessly perform their activities.

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Easy to use interface, compact design,
Automated tasks and precise reporting make
EduHealth the most innovative
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Keep your school protected from COVID 19 with EduHealth

EduHealth’s COVID 19 tracking system offers simple and secure solutions for schools to screen, monitor and track COVID 19 symptoms, exposure and immunizations.


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For Schools and Nurses

Leading School Nurse Software in the US

EduHealth is a cloud-powered educational healthcare software for school nurses to collect, track and manage student health information. Designed with guidance from school nurses, the school health record system comes with features that enable school nurses to stay on top of student health management. It allows nurses quick access to the right health data, automates generation of tasks and it simplifies charting. Nurses can generate mandatory and compliance reports, manage medication refills and note health screening results and track immunization compliance on the application itself. And to top it all, EduHealth also comes with an add-on bulk scanner which is a unique solution for student health record management letting nurses upload over 100 documents in under 30 seconds.

EduHealth can be integrated into your existing student information system to ensure smooth flow of information between systems, enabling you to have a 360o view of your students’ performance and well-being.

Why Choose EduHealth?

Along with digitalizing the student health records, EduHealth offers a comprehensive suite of features that simplifies school nurses’ daily tasks.

 Single platform for school healthcare needs

Maintain your students' health profile, nurses' tasks, tracking, screenings, reporting on a single system. With EduHealth, you are in complete control of your students' critical health information. Reduce medication errors with quick access to the right health information every time.

  Built on the cloud, integrates with your SIS

EduHealth is built on the cloud, so it lets your health teams access the information they need to work with from any authorized device. EduHealth easily integrates with most leading SIS systems and eliminates data duplication letting your teams’ function efficiently and collaboratively.

  FERPA & HIPAA Compliant

EduHealth complies with FERPA and HIPAA regulations, maintaining high confidentiality and safeguarding from unauthorized data access. It can help schools stay in compliance with regulations related to student health and privacy.

  Save Time and Go Green

EduHealth, the student EHR platform saves school nurses from hours of manual admin work and with all work managed on the system. It helps schools to say goodbye to piles of paperwork. EduHealth helps schools’ administrators and nurses to manage student health information and be sustainable while doing so.

  Seamless Collaboration

Our cloud-based EHR system is designed to foster better collaboration between school nurses, teachers, parents, and other healthcare providers all from a single easy-to-use platform. With easy access to real-time critical health data, the nurses and health team can communicate and collaborate effectively to solve problems.

  Comprehensive Student Health Management

With our student EHR system, your school nurse can say goodbye to all the scattered tools and manage complete student health from a single user-friendly platform. Our all-inclusive platform is designed to streamline health management and medication safety for students

We've Successfully Implemented Eduhealth for:
Student Records

Mobile Application for Parents

The EduHealth Parent App gives parents and guardians access to their children’s health and medical history as recorded on the EduHealth platform. Using this app, parents can view urgent communications from school nurses and stay updated on their children’s health status on any device. Parents can keep track of the child’s daily health updates, request medicine administration for their child, communicate with school nurses about caretaking, upload documents, and more on this platform–making and managing the child’s health efficient and stress-free.

Managing health profiles made easy

Parents can view, access, and manage all their children’s health profiles from the app. Especially helpful for parents whose children are studying in different schools in a school district.

Parent and school access rights

School health authorities can decide which health details to share with parents so they together enable better delivery of healthcare.

Simplified health management

Parents can update information on the child’s health profile, such as medicine reorders, COVID 19 status, temperature, and others if the student is at home.

Easy documentation and uploads

Easily upload forms or authorizations to the system through the app. Eliminate paperwork from the process.

Interact with school health nurse

Quick communication channels for parents with school health authorities for medical emergencies and treatment for their children.

Compatible on all Devices

The EduHealth mobile app supports both Android and iOS platforms. Parents can access the app on any device.

Go paperless with EduHealth

EduHealth eliminates paper consumption in your school nurse’s office and enhances the delivery of treatment to students. Managing health information with digital technology reduces the paper you consume and can enhance healthcare delivery at the point of care.

Make the management of information a breeze with zero paper and go green with EduHealth!

The four main benefits of utilizing EHR systems are:

An Interview with the School Nurse

A brief interview with a school nurse about her thoughts on Eduhealth EHR system.

How does the school nurse benefit from implementing an EHR system?

Implementing an EHR system:

  • Saves the school nurse from admin tasks and paperwork. Saves time and fosters an eco-friendly school environment.
  • Streamlines workflows and improves medication management that enables better productivity and efficiency.
  • Helps the school nurse update student information in a few clicks and helps in creating an error-free and safe student health system.
  • Enhances collaboration and communication between nurses, health providers, teachers, parents, and school.

How does a school EHR system improve school functioning?

An EHR system allows school health professionals to stay on top of student healthcare and medications. It keeps track of medications, treatments, screenings, immunizations, and other crucial health-related factors, and helps minimize instances of medication errors. It helps to keep track of illness patterns before it affects a larger group of people. This way it helps school health authorities keep students safer and ensures their attendance, improving school functioning.

How does a school EHR system benefit a parent?

Parents can rest assured that kids are safe at school with an EHR system in place.

  • Helps to know that the child’s medications and treatments are administered while they are at the school.
  • Access to real time health data, medical history, treatment plans, allergy management and other risks are all managed with the help of School Student EHR system. It helps to provide right medical intervention at the right time.
  • Easier communication and collaboration between the school and parents, enabling to provide better healthcare support for children.

Designed for school nurses, parents, and students – an effective student health management system.

With EduHealth, you’re not just managing student health, but are building a sustainable healthcare management practice for your school.

School nurses and medical administrators can effectively manage student health and records through efficient management of health forms, immunization records, prescriptions, medical records, screenings, reporting and much more with EduHealth


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