Keep schools COVID 19free with EduHealth 

Build a secure learning environment for students and staff with efficient tracking and contact tracing 

There are many things you can do to keep students safe in schools today. Handwashing, face masks, vaccinations and physical distancing. But to ensure they are the safest, it is essentials to have a reliable COVID 19 tracking mechanism.  

But to this day, most schools continue to rely on paper to manage student health. In a real health crisis like the one we’re all in now, tedious administrative tasks should be the last thing on school healthcare management team’s mind.  

This is why you need EduHealth

Keep COVID 19 off your campus

Daily status tracking
Comprehensive symptom checklist
Complete overview of confirmed/suspected cases and false positives
Emergency contact information
Comprehensive report generation
Cohort management
Risk and exposure assessment
Symptom and quarantine monitoring
Case analysis and reporting
Automated status updates and status change reminders

Featured Customer story

North Kansas City Schools is an award-winning school district located just north of Kansas City’s vibrant downtown.

A growing district of more than 22,000 learners from grades PreK-12, students benefit daily from challenging academic curriculum. NKC Schools has earned both state and national accreditation and is recognized throughout Missouri as a leader in academic innovation.


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EduHealth has been designed by school nurses and medical administrators to efficiently manage health forms, immunization records, medications, and medical records.

EduHealth COVID 19 Tracker and Contact Tracer