COVID 19 Resource Center

To assist the schooling community in understanding how to keep themselves healthy physically and mentally during the COVID 19 pandemic, EduHealth has created a COVID 19 Resource Center. The resource brings together content that helps students, parents, school nurses, and school administrators keep themselves aware with information and share important messages.

COVID-19 Resources For School Nurses and Adminstrators

COVID 19: How FERPA and HIPAA apply to student records

School administrators have to face multiple questions around privacy as COVID 19 continues to spread globally. Administrators must form a strategy on how to inform communities about infections that are..

Is my child at risk of contracting COVID 19?

Reports have it that children may not spread COVID 19 as much as adults do. However, as the US plans return to work after lockdowns, it is important for parents and school health facilitators to follow the CDC’s guidelines…

Tips for safely visiting your family and friends during COVID 19

As America prepares to reopen businesses, a pertinent question making the rounds is “When can I safely visit my family and friends?” Medical expert and family physician Bethany Panchal in an

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