An improved cloud based EHR system for a school district in Kansas.

A school district in Kansas, which serves 20,000 active students and 32 public schools, needed a school EHR with enhanced features to stay in compliance with the state health guidelines and CDC.

The challenge

The school district was having difficulty managing student medical information and sought an improved EduHealth software upgrade with customized features, such as an upgraded user interface (UI), active directory log-in, gifted student health tracking, emergency reporting, and chart visits.

Our solution

EduHealth delivered an enhanced cloud-based school EHR with an intuitive UI that supports the nurses’ daily chores, like medical administration, treatment, charts, and documents that comply with the state rules. To simplify the management of roles and access to the system, we set up an active directory login. Now schools can authorize any nursing staff to access the EduHealth system by using the login details that they prefer. With chart visits, school nurses can keep track of their activities, and it now has a feature to notify the parents too. The new customizations also include a feature to track all the active gifted students in all the schools of the district who need care. It also includes an emergency reporting function, which was specifically created to report emergency issues to the state. The new upgrades can help the school district-based health personnel perform their duties efficiently.

Project highlights

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