Educational healthcare solution for school nurses to collect, track and manage student health information

The North Kansas City School District phased out their paper health records practice and went completely digital with the EduHealth system.

Schedule your free trial*

  • Watch the video testimonial of EduHealth by North Kansas City School District to know how it simplifies school health management for school nurses.
  • Simply schedule a demo and we will walk you through the complete features as well as use cases of the EduHealth system.
  • No hidden charges, service charges or implementation costs during the free trial*. We will remotely implement the system in your school, integrate the system with existing software, and migrate the complete student data within 2 weeks.
  • After the free trial*, you can subscribe to the continued usage with a very nominal fee per student. We’re dedicated to children’s empowerment and donate 15% of the revenue from EduHealth to children’s welfare organizations.
* Applies to schools with a minimum of 3000 children.