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What EduHealth does to make student care easier?

Error-free medication

With quick access to student health charts, easy communications and notifications, EduHealth ensures all medications are given right and on time

Electronic charting

The head nurse can assign tasks in a few clicks and the school nurse will see their schedules/treatments on their systems, zero confusions

Paperless documentation

Completely digitized files and documents making details easily searchable, reducing paper clutter and simplifying health record maintenance.  

Generate mandatory reports for state

Meet all your mandatory reporting needs in a few clicks within minutes. No more cumbersome work for creating your reports 

Automated reminders and notes

Set up reminders for medications and leave notes to communicate easily with fellow school nurses on student medications. 

Medical inventory management

Be notified when you’re about to run out of inventory stocks and re-fill them. Never again run short on medicines.

Parent-Nurse communication

Get filled-out health forms from parents directly on EduHealth. Seamlessly communicate with them on their child’s health. 

Easy to integrate with existing software

API integrations with your existing software to manage data seamlessly across your different digital platforms. 

FERPA & HIPAA compliant

Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and security of PHI. Protecting the privacy and rights of students’ education records.

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“ EduHealth is comprehensive and all-inclusive. It helps save time and it is flexible. And it helps me put nurses where I need them to go and still have the information they need to work for the day. 

Shannon Tilsworth,

School Health Services Coordinator,

North Kansas City School District 

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