Bring children back to school safely with technology 

EduHealth System helps schools reopen faster and resume normal activities using technology 

EduHealth System can help schools reopen and function safely 

We work with school districts in the US to help them reopen and function safely and as quickly as they can. 

But it’s not easy.  

COVID 19 cases are already surfacing in K-12 schools that have reopened.  

There is no official national tally of school-linked COVID 19 cases, and schools are not able to report how many students and staff members have been infected. 

The absence of a comprehensive accounting is hampering efforts to identify which safety practices can best prevent cases in schools from spreading.  

Without good data that tracks cases over time — and shows how one case turns into many cases — there’s just no way to prevent outbreaks in schools. 

EduHealth is a system that records, tracks and analyzes students’ health
and helps prevent an outbreak in your school.

How does EduHealth do it? 

EduHealth System can track infections, prevent outbreaks and validate whether safety protocols implemented in your school are effective. 

You can reopen schools in a few simple steps:  

These activities can be managed by the school nurse, health coordinator or even a teacher who acts as a stand-in school nurse. No need of any additional staff.  

COVID 19 tracker exposure review

What else can EduHealth do for schools?

  • Automate school nurses’ charting
  • Track immunization compliance
  • Generate state-compliant health reports in a few clicks
  • Ensure zero medication errors for students
  • Digitize paper records using bulk scanner
  • Easy communication with parents, school authorities and health agencies

Comprehensive suite of features to simplify student health management 

  Utmost Care for Children

Ensure that every child has access to medication safety and a good health system. Help build an ecosystem with pharmacies, doctors, insurers for better delivery of health care

  Digitized Health Records

Get rid of paper clutter while streamlining day-to-day operations. Our cloud-based system makes it easy to digitize health records,for quick access of documents from anywhere.

  FERPA & HIPAA Compliant

EduHealth software complies with FERPA and HIPAA regulations. Personally identifiable student details are treated with high confidentiality and safeguarded from unauthorized access.

  No Medication Errors

It is estimated that up to 27% of children have chronic health conditions . Reduce administration errors with automatically generated alerts for medications, treatments, and immunizations

  Parent Communication

Our platform synchronizes with a parent portal so everyone can achieve peace of mind. Easily notify parents about their child’s medications or other crucial information with just a click of a button.

  Easy Deployment

EduHealth system is optimized to connect with any of your school’s existing systems and reduces your ownership costs with easy deployment, simple data exports, and streamlined integrations.

Try EduHealth System for Free 

We want you to try EduHealth free of cost and see how you love it.

After Trial Period,

  • We will move all your historic data for free
  • We will set the system up for free
  • You will be up and running in 14 days
  • The setup will be done remotely with web meeting technology
  • Support 24×7
  • No hidden costs

15% of revenue from EduHealth is donated to the Children’s Cancer Society or towards causes around children’s health

* Applies to schools with a minimum of 3000 children.

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