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Effective strategies for school nurses to deal with stress

School nurses like you play a key role in student healthcare management and it often has you juggling multiple priorities to meet growing workplace expectations. This can put you under a lot of undue stress, directly impacting your everyday activities.   In a research study, 48.5% of school nurses reported medication errors, with missed doses at 79.7% being the most common category of error. A contributing factor could be the responsibility for a large number of students, which in itself can be a…

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EHR Adoption Rate Statistics

Team EduHealth recently surveyed school nurses to understand the latest EHR (Electronic Health Record) adoption trends in schools and school districts. The statistical report is based on a survey we conducted, which finds what in an EHR are school nurses and administrators looking for and which features in the system improved its adoption rates in the school and school districts. We’ve also covered important statistics on the other key decision-making factors in EHR adoption.…

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Healthy sleep is vital for a students’ well-being.

A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the maternal child and health bureau has revealed that most American high school students and 34% of children don’t get enough sleep. According to research, the new norms after the pandemic have created changes in children’s daily habits, including their sleep and wake schedules. The reasons also include the increasing…

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