10 Free e-Learning platforms for successful remote education

The schooling world changed the moment the COVID 19 school closures were announced. Almost every US state has had to immediately close schools, many for the rest of the academic year, majorly disrupting the public education system. The closures have affected close to 55 million public school students across the nation.   This has required school administrators and teachers to think differently…

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school nurse in classroom

Caring for communities and students during COVID 19: What school nurses must know

Professionals in the healthcare sector are leading the front line efforts towards caring for patients with confirmed and possible infection from COVID 19. The virus is reaching a lot of people, and healthcare professionals are requesting communities to help them contain the disease by staying at home.  Governments too are closing monitoring the situation. Governors…

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Impact of ADHD in the US School Children

Impact of ADHD in the United States School Children

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a seemingly serious mental ailment which falls under the neurodevelopmental type. Children with ADHD have trouble being attentive and experience hyperactivity. They also face problems while dealing with emotions. This often affects their daily activities at school and at home. However, these types of children often give constant attention…

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