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For Schools and Nurses

School nurses and children’s well-being

Approximately 14% of children aged 5 to 11 are not in their best health, as reported by CDC. Children spend a lot of time in school and school nurses are to assure their healthy childhood.

  1. Ensure error-free medicine administration during school hours.
  2. Keep track of students’ current physical and mental health and previous health history. Record history of allergies and chronic health conditions. Record and report cases of possible contagious diseases or violence.
  3. Track vaccination administration and report non-compliance.
  4. Train children regarding physical and mental health. 

These practices keep children safe. And help in preventing the spreading of illnesses as well as contagious diseases like COVID 19.

But for 1-2 school nurses to manage so much for 700-800 children is not an easy job. And paper documents make it difficult to quickly access to a child’s medical history during an emergency.

What EduHealth does

The EduHealth system helps nurses put their focus on student well-being and worry less about paper documentation. It tracks students’ health and enables school nurses to manage their tasks in a single button click.

  • It helps to upload and maintain digital versions of immunization records and track vaccination compliance. 
  • Ensures error-free medicine administering with alerts and tracking.
  • Acts as a record of physical and mental health for each student. Details can include allergies, chronic health conditions, unusual illnesses.
  • Finds details quickly and generates detailed reports – for cases where student health reports must be submitted
  • Facilitates communication with parents, school authorities and health agencies.
  • Complies with FERPA and HIPAA for information safety

With EduHealth, parents and school regulators can have peace of mind, school nurses can have the confidence that they’re doing the best for students and themselves, and children can have a happy and safe childhood. 


Track student' medication needs in real time

Access student health history and related documents

Collect, track and manage student health information

Connect with students and parents around student health

Generate reports for your district and access information any-time/anywhere

Simple to use technology for proactive parent communication

Owing to recent growing  concerns over coronavirus we have added following features

Timely and advance information to schools and nurses over local student health concerns

Access to student health trends in the school district, state and country

Access to common forum of school nurses to be able to collaborate on issues concerning student health

Try EduHealth System for Free

We are giving away EduHealth Free to use for 6 months

After Trial Period,

  • We will move all your historic data for free
  • We will set you up for free
  • You will be up and running in under a week
  • All this will be done remotely / web-meeting technology
  • Support every step of the way
  • No hidden costs

15% of revenue from EduHealth is donated to the Children’s Cancer Society or towards causes around children’s health

Schedule a demo now!

Let’s schedule a meeting to walk you through the features of Eduhealth System. Eduhealth is very easy to implement and start using. It integrates well with any existing software and its very easy to transfer students data to the system even if it is in paper format. We can layout the right path for your school to digitize the student health records.

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